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Natural effect of close-cropped hair!
Young, Happy and Natural!
Regain your self-esteem and attractive look!
Say good-bye to baldness! Now, it’s a matter of choice not a necessity!
Optical illusion of thicker, denser hair!
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What is it?

Modern and innovative method of concealing bald parts of your scalp by creating a perfect imitation of close-cropped hair...

For whom?

Scalp Micropigmentation is ideal for any person with a hair loss problem, regardless of age or gender...

Why this?

The use of individually selected pigments, guarantees a natural final effect, which perfectly resembles hair follicles.

Final results?

See examples of final result of scalp micropigmentation...

100% natural effect of closed-cropped hair!
Say good-bye to baldness! Regain your youth!


Are there any age restrictions to carry out the procedure?

No. Micropigmentation can be performed regardless of age... MORE >>

How long does the procedure take?

Typically, the treatment consists of three sessions. Depending on the extent of pigmentation and the patient's comfort, each session can last from 2-5 hours.... MORE >>

Is the treatment safe?

Yes. The treatment has a non-invasive, non-surgical character. It is carried out using natural pigments and verified, world-renowned techniques... MORE >>

What does the procedure look like?

The procedure involves inserting, with a very thin needle, an individually selected pigment... MORE >>

Will my identity be protected if I decide to undergo the treatment?

Of course, our customers can count on our full discretion.... MORE >>


Find out how we can help you!

Scalp Micropigmentation, (also referred to as Medical Tattoo, Hair Micropigmentation or Hair Follicle Simulation - HFS), is an innovative, non-surgical procedure, which allows you to camouflage a wide variety of hair-loss related problems, by introducing pigment into the epidermis of the scalp. The end result is a perfect imitation of tiny hair follicles, which creates the look of close-cropped hair or helps optically thicken and/or restore the look of fuller hair.


Alopecia is a problem that affects men and women of all ages. For those affected, baldness is a shameful and embarrassing problem, resulting in self-esteem issues, decreasing comfort of living, huge stress and in some cases depression. No wonder that people struggling with this problem, instead of enjoying the charms of social life, focus on searching for effective methods to “cure” baldness, such as expensive, yet not always successful, hair transplants. By stopping the process of losing hair, restoring reduced hairlines or thickening remaining hair, they hope to improve their image and in consequence they self-esteem, in order to fully and actively enjoy life.

Micropigmentation is an ideal solution for both men and women experiencing hair-loss problems, regardless of its phase: from complete hair loss to initial stages, such as receding hairline. It is also an effective solution for those with thinning hair, scars after mechanical injuries, accidents or hair transplant, or those suffering from pattern or spot baldness. The treatment does not require anaesthesia, though it is not completely pain free. It allows, in a short period of time, to regain self-confidence, energy and vitality. It can be done regardless of age and sex, and is a fully reversible procedure – the pigment can be easily removed with a laser