• Will my identity be protected if I decide to undergo the treatment or meet for the initial consultation. I would not want everyone to know that I had the procedure.

Of course, our customers can count on our full discretion. All personal information and pictures are securely stored and no third party can access the files.

  • Will photos with my image be published somewhere, e.g.: on the website?

Absolutely not. People whose faces are visible on our site or social media profiles have given their consent and have given us full rights to make their image public.

  • What does the first consultation look like?

The first consultation is introductory, gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the method, and see the effect of micropigmentation. In addition, the scope of the treatment is determined – areas to be covered and, more importantly, the look of the new hairline. A test can also be performed to select the right pigment tone and to exclude allergic reactions.

  • What does the procedure look like?

The procedure involves inserting , with a very thin needle, an individually selected pigment into the top layer of the epidermis. Areas affected by baldness are covered with thousands of tiny dots that resemble hair follicles, in order to create an effect of closecropped

  • How do I prepare for the procedure?

The treatment is performed on short cut hair. Therefore, on the eve of the appointment, you should shave your hair with an electric razor (tip removed) or with a disposable razor. Prior to the treatment, you should avoid sunbathing. 24 hours before the procedure you should not use any cosmetic products other than those indicated by the linearist, nor take steroids, retinoids, or blood thinners such as heparins, aspirin, or pyralgine.

  • Is the treatment safe?

Yes. The treatment has a non-invasive, non-surgical character. It is carried out using natural pigments and verified, world-renowned techniques. In addition, it is possible to correct or remove the effects of the treatment with a laser, without leaving scars or other signs of interference on the scalp.

  • How long does the procedure take?

Typically, the treatment consists of three sessions. Depending on the extent of pigmentation and the patient's comfort, each session can last from 2-5 hours.

  • Why do I need three sessions?

Micropigmentation requires extraordinary precision and attention to detail. During the first meeting we work on a general effect, usually using a brighter pigment. During the second meeting, the ideal pigment mixture is selected and the initial pigmentation is made denser to achieve even more natural effect. During the last visit we work out the final effect. Performing the procedure in three stages is a guarantee of quality and natural appearance.

  • Are there any age restrictions to carry out the procedure?

No. Micropigmentation can be performed regardless of age.

  • Is micropigmentation painful?

Feeling of discomfort depends on pigmented areas and the individual characteristics of each patient. Usually the pain experienced during the procedure is minimal.

  • How will I look right after the procedure?

Definitely good! The final effect is visible immediately. The redness, which appears during the procedure, should dissipate within 1 to 48 hours, depending on its intensity and individual characteristics of the client. Within a month the pigment will brighten by about 30-40%.

  • How often do I have to shave my head after treatment?

Because the final effect resembles a freshly shaved head (delicate grey dots), it is recommended to shave the head every two days, preferably every day. Once longer, your natural hair will start to resemble a dash instead of a dot.

  • Do pigments used during the procedure change colour?

Yes. The pigment achieves its target colour in about three weeks after the procedure – brightening by about by 30-40%.

  • Do I need to use special medication or cosmetics after treatment?

It is not necessary to use special creams or cosmetics, but it is advisable to protect the scalp with UV cream, during prolonged exposure to sunlight - this helps to reduce skin exfoliation, which prolongs the effect of treatment.

  • Do I have to protect my head in any special way after treatment?

Skincare rules are extremely simple. Immediately after the procedure, for about 2-3 days, do not shave or wash your scalp. For about seven days you should avoid excessive perspiration, like during gym visits, etc. In addition, swimming in chlorinated water should be avoided for several days. You need to protect your head from sunlight. It is always a good idea to protect the scalp with sunscreen, especially during extended sun exposure - this allows to prolong the effect of treatment

  • Is micropigmentation suitable for women as well?

Of course. Micropigmentation is ideal for women who want to visually thicken their hair by “shading” the scalp. The final effect, for both short and long hair, is extremely realistic.

  • Is it possible to remove micropigmentation effects?

Yes. Because the pigment is introduced into the upper layer of epidermis, it is possible to remove or correct the effects of the treatment using a laser. This treatment is painless, safe, does not leave scars or other traces of previous interference into the scalp.

  • Do you need to renew micropigmentation after some time?

Yes. The durability of the treatment depends on several factors: individual customer characteristics (reaction to pigment, skin type, lifestyle, etc.), intensity of the pigment used, number of sessions. On average, it ranges from about a year to three years. It is advisable to refresh the treatment once every two years.

  • How much does micropigmentation treatment cost?

The price of the treatment is determined individually and depends on the micropigmented area. PRICING.

  • Do I have to pay for the first consultation?

The cost of an individual consultation, conducted by a qualified linergist, is 100PLN, which, should you decided to go through with the procedure, will be counted towards the final price. Estimated duration of such consultations is 40-60 min.

  • How can I pay for the treatment?

The fee for the treatment may be paid in full on the first day of the treatment or in two instalments of 50%, payable on the first and second visit to the clinic. We accept payment by card and cash.

  • How can I get an appointment?

For details, see the CONSULTATION tab.