Advantages of scalp micropigmentation


  • immediate effect - new image and visual rejuvenation
  • helps to increase self-confidence and improves attractiveness
  • as the pigments are individually selected, the final effect is natural and perfectly imitates the effect of close-cropped hair
  • it allows to optically increase the density of your hair by creating a shade-like effect, and to cover a variety of imperfections and scars, e.g.: after hair transplants, burns, etc.
  • 100% of safety thanks to the well-qualified staff and the use of verified solutions of the highest, international standard
  • practically no contraindications and undesirable after-treatment effects, due to its non-surgical and non-invasive character. Does not leave scars!
  • very short recovery period - skin redness, resulting from treatment, disappears, in most cases, several hours after its completion. At the latest, after two days
  • reversibility - it is possible to remove or correct the effect of the treatment, with the aid of a laser, without leaving scars or signs of interference on the skin
  • it does not harm properly growing hair