Method of implementation


This non-surgical, safe and almost painless treatment is performed using specialized equipment and biodegradable pigments specifically designed for scalp micropigmentation – differing in consistency and composition from traditional tattoo paint or permanent makeup pigments.

The pigment is applied to the epidermis surface using ONE thin, disposable acupuncture needle, which allows us to perfectly cover hairless areas with thousands of tiny “drops” imitating hair follicles. As a result, we are able to:

  • camouflage a wide range of alopecia problems by creating a perfect imitation of close-cropped hair;
  • add density to thinning areas, by creating a perfectly natural, optical illusion of thicker, stronger hair;

Because the colour and intensity of the pigment are chosen individually for each case, the final effect is extremely natural and realistic. It is impossible to recognize where it ends, and where the natural hairline begins!

Our highly trained staff provides the highest level of service. We use top quality materials and equipment. As a result, we guarantee a high level of service and we take full responsibility for the effects of our treatments, as our customers' satisfaction is our priority!