Consultation of scalp micropigmentation


Initial consultation can take place at the Clinic or can be conducted via email.

Consultation in the Clinic

Individual, introductory consultation conducted by our staff is a great opportunity to make initial arrangements for the planned procedure, i.e.: analyse current hair condition, determine areas for micropigmentation, establish desired hairline, analyse post-operation or post-transplant scars, agree the number and duration of sessions.
During the appointment we will also jointly prepare an individual and realistic sketch showing the effect of micropigmentation.

The cost of an individual consultation, conducted by a qualified linergist, is 100PLN, which, should you decided to go through with the procedure, will be counted towards the final price. Estimated duration of such consultations is 40-60 min.

If you are interested in making an appointment, please send your contact details to the following email address: konsultacje@klinikamikropigmentacji.pl or contact the clinic at: +48 690 999 701.

Consultation by email

In order to set the date, find out expected duration of the treatment and its costs, please send us an email konsultacje@klinikamikropigmentacji.pl, including:

  • 5 SHARP photos of the head: front, rear, left side, right side, top;
  • Information about the desired end-result, i.e.:
    • Aesthetic effect:
      • Create imitation of closed-cropped hair;
      • Create a "shade" effect to add density;
    • Medical effect:
      • Mask scars;
      • Mask spot baldness, etc.
  • Information regarding preferred date of first procedure (the greater the availability, the faster we can initiate the treatment).

After analysing the photos you provide, we will give you detailed information on the micropigmentation treatment. If you have further questions, please contact the clinic at +48 690 999 701.

You can also speak directly to one of our qualified linergist. For this purpose, please send your contact number to the following email address: recepcja@klinikamikropigmentacji.pl or give this information to the staff of the clinic by calling any of the two numbers listed below: +48 690 999 701.