Durability of scalp micropigmentation


In terms of method of application, micropigmentation resembles a tattoo, the difference being the equipment, i.e.: the kind of needled and pigment used, and the depth of pigmentation

Thanks to the high qualifications of our linergists, our method is 100% safe, allowing for complete control of the amount of pigment applied to your skin.

The effect lasts from one to two years, and over time, the pigment looses its intensity, gradually becoming lighter. This depends on the individual predisposition, the pigment you choose and the number of treatment sessions.

Fading of the pigment is definitely an advantage, not a drawback. Alopecia in men is usually progressive. As a result, newly created, hairless areas require repigmentation. In addition, human skin changes over the years. The hairline keeps receding, thus requiring occasional changes