MICROPIGMENTATION is a safe treatment during which a pigment is introduced to the epidermis by means of a shiny, disposable, sterile acupuncture needle. This allows us, by accurately replicating hair follicles, to perfectly camouflage a wide range of alopecia related problems, as well as add density to thinning areas, creating a perfectly natural, optical illusion of thicker, stronger hair.

Scalp micropigmentation has been developed as a cosmetic procedure for men and women suffering from all kinds of problems related to hair-loss, as well as medical procedure helping to hide various types of scars and discoloration. It is a great alternative to expensive and not always effective transplants or dermatological treatments.

Moreover, using a laser, it is possible not only to easily correct but also to completely remove the effects of the treatment, without scaring the skin or leaving any trace of interference

Optically thickened hair or concealed receding hairline, visually rejuvenate and help regain self-confidence, as well as restore energy and vitality

Micropigmentation treatment usually consists of three sessions, during which, depending on the individual needs, we reconstruct receding hairline, fill bald or thinning areas, and camouflage any discolorations or scarring. The final effect is spectacular and 100% natural.